Whether you're a beginning, intermediate or advanced student, private lessons with a supportive and motivating instructor are the best way to develop your skills. In a personalized process focused on students' individual needs, FBMC staff consult with new students to make sure they're matched with the teacher best suited to their skill level, goals and schedule.

Lessons are 30 or 60 minutes.

Fort Bend Music Center provides students at all ages of experience to work in a highly tailored, one-on-one environment music educators across a range of musical traditions. Our FBMC faculty is well trained and brings a wealth of professional experience to each private student.

The Fort Bend Music Center has a performance-based approach to learning. We believe that performing aids in cultivating in our students growth. We excel in providing our private students the opportunities to perform in many of our scheduled recitals in the FBMC performance halls throughout the year.

The piano is an amazing, magical instrument. It’s the perfect place for most students to start because of the foundational music knowledge piano lessons provide, including technique, theory and a simple, linear understanding of the grand staff. And once you have that foundation, you can take it anywhere: from impressive classical pieces, to your favorite pop song, to adding another instrument to your resume. Piano lessons are absolutely the best way for every music lover to immerse themselves in music.

Our piano students will be encouraged to participate in regular recitals and on-going performances like our open-mics night and talent venues. While students are not required to participate, we believe these performances help motivate and propel the student to continued improvement, as well as create confident performers who feel comfortable on a stage and in front of an audience.

PL-Piano2.jpgOur piano instructors work with every student to provide the type of instruction that meets their learning needs and help them reach their performance goals. All piano instruction starts with the basics of music theory as it relates to the piano. But, each instructor will also work with the student to find out where their musical passions lie.

Fort Bend Music Center Piano Lessons for ages 3 to adult. Piano instruction is offered weekly as a 30 or 60 minute private or semi-group session. Lessons are available for beginning, intermediate and advanced levels in a variety of different styles such as classical/traditional, jazz, rock, contemporary, Christian, blues, gospel, etc. We additionally have several piano teachers on staff that specialize in teaching and developing improvisational skills and reading from lead sheets. Whatever style of piano you would like to learn, our instructors are ready to customize a lesson plan for you.